I build complete indoor model railways to order in 00 gauge, 0 gauge, Gauge 1, G Scale & Gauge 3.


I offer a layout building service for indooor layouts in 00, 0 Gauge, Gauge 1, G Scale and Gauge 3 to the highest standards.

I am happy to quote for any size, complexity and prototype, built into  a room or as a portable layout suitable for exhibiting. I am happy to do the necessary research and to meet with the customer as often as necessary during the planning stages.

When a permanent layout is to be built into a room the baseboards are generally built by a local carpenter to my specifications before I begin work; after that I do everything until the layout is complete. For a portable layout I build the baseboards in my workshop, and delivery of the finished layout is included in the quoted price. I use plywood for baseboards and the backscene is included as part of the baseboard structure. 

Track can be handbuilt using C&L components or use ready made track such as Peco or Lenz. I only build DCC layouts as it is so superior in every way to analogue control; I use the Lenz 100 DCC sysytem unless the customer specifies something different. Point control uses Hoffmann point motors controlled from the handheld unit; I will not build control panels, they are an out of date way of changing points. Working signals can be included if desired, operated using servo motors for semaphore signals. The track and electrics are fully tested before beginning work on the scenery. 

The scenics on the layout are finished to the highest standards and all the structures are scratchbuilt unless the customer specifies otherwise. I use commercial photographic backscenes customised with my own pictures.  I can include figures, vehicles, and as much detail as the customer wants. 

Once the layout is finished the work carries a six month warranty. 


An 0 gauge DB layout constructed in 2015- 2017



These pictures show my 0 Gauge LBSCR layout 'Saltdean' set in 1888. It was built during 2015/16.

lay 3

lay 4

lay 7

lay 8

These photo's show a 7mm scale layout depicting the Welshpool & Lanfair light railway, built during 2105 and 2016. 

 I did the scenery and buildings seen here but did not build the baseboards or lay the track.

wel 1

wel 2

wel 3

wel 4

wel 5

wel 6


My customer built the station building and goods shed at Llanfair station.